Nopalea Creek Mercantile

Simple Turtle Leather Charms (SET OF 4)

$18.00 USD $14.40 USD Sale

Our leather charms have definition and are as thick as it comes when pertaining to leather charms. See the texture, feel the texture! Every design varies but as a general rule we do not make our leather patches over 4-4.5” in either direction and keep it as proportioned, as possible. 

They are single sided and sold in sets of 4. There will be NO SCENT and NO STRINGS added onto these charms.

The purpose of these is to present customers with another option. A little lighter scent throw and a genuine piece of leather work added to their road style.

IMPORTANT >>> When scented, the product color will vary. When oil is applied it will richen the leather complexity; therefore, making the natural leather darker. *Please note that during the hot summer months the oils may dissipate more quickly due to frequent heat. If you choose to re-scent your charm please use caution when spraying, as not to oil surrounding areas. Recommend spraying with a cloth or paper towel behind the design.

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