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Nopalea Creek Mercantile

Fringe Sub #7

$6.50 USD

We do in fact cut 1 yard of fringe; however, the glue inside the trim shrinks it to 34" once pressed. --- DOUBLE SIDED!!! 

***PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASHING! There are no exchanges/refunds given for hand-made fringe. You acknowledge this is hand-made and the descriptions below when purchasing. 

Main side will be darker/more vibrant - Backside will be lighter/dull. 

Height - 4" Fringe

Keep in mind these are all hand done! Minor imperfections (that won't affect the overall aesthetic) could be applied during treatment. There are hundreds of individual pieces at work here and we do our best to match up all designs. Some white could bleed through, lineage, etc. 

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